Sunflower- An effective and Climate Smart crop for coastal community in Bangladesh.

The coastal zone of Bangladesh spans over 580 km of coastline and is prone to multiple hazards.  Cyclones, floods, tidal surges, periodic water-logging and land erosion are common throughout this region significantly shaping the lives and livelihoods of coastal communities. The region constitutes 32% of total land area in Bangladesh and hosts nearly 28% of the population. And, according to farmers interviewed in this region, due to negative impact of climate change, salinity in river and pond water has been increasing, rain patterns have also changed in the last decade. They noted dry spells, a reduction of winter season rainfall and a sharp increase and erratic pattern of monsoon rains. Increasing temperatures and erratic monsoon patterns negatively affect shrimp, agriculture (including rice) and homestead gardening. Rice farmers now struggle to predict rainfall patterns that resulting a large amount of agriculture land (approximately 70%) were fallow for 5-6 month and reduced national crop yields.

Sunflower cultivation can be an effective and climate smart crop for coastal community in Bangladesh, resulting benefiting marginalsied farmers and contributes to develop sustainable livelihoods.

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